2019 annual client survey results.

At GK Horizons we highly value our clients and we work hard to help them achieve their objectives. We are not perfect but our service is improving every day; and, most importantly, we will continue to improve no matter how well we score.

Earlier this year, we sent out a super-quick annual client satisfaction survey, where our clients answered a couple of questions to help us gain an understanding of what we are doing well and what we can improve upon.

From this valuable feedback, we have learned a lot about ourselves and our clients, and we will share our findings with you in future posts.

Just a little sneak peak, our Net Promoter Score is 79. According to Retently, the NPS Survey Platform, the average NPS in Consulting industry is 53 (source: https://www.retently.com/blog/good-net-promoter-score/). We are grateful to everyone who provided their feedback through this survey to help shape the future of GKH.