Port Nelson’s purpose is to facilitate regional prosperity, Kia āhei ki te kōkiri whakamua ki te taumata ā-rohe. Each year Port Nelson formulates its Annual Plan and Statement of Corporate Intent detailing how it will deploy its people, assets, and alliances to add value to our stakeholders and deliver against our strategic pillars.

Main Business Challenges

Why we wanted to implement a forecasting tool was two-fold: one our current systems were very reliant on Excel and it was also resident within one particular person.

What we found going through an RFP process was the two things that we wanted to get out of it, in fact the determining things, were usability and obviously functionality.

Why GK Horizons?

The key is getting the right people and there’s no doubt about it, the people who we had on the implementation up for Workday Adaptive Planning (Adaptive Insights), the GK Horizons team was second to none, it was absolutely a vital part of a successful implementation.

Implementation Timeframes

Implementation timeframes from the forecasting tool for us was it was sort of unbelievable and then if it could be done in six weeks or even less three weeks was talked about. Ultimately Martin came in and his expertise allowed us to, within a three-day turnaround, summarize our ports entity wide activities, which consists of probably half a dozen small medium-sized businesses in its own right and able to transpose that into a solution within Workday Adaptive Planning (Adaptive Insights).

Results and Benefits

“We had a hailstorm on a Friday that pretty much devastated our crops. For that Friday meeting [which was] three days later, we were able to pull some levers, make an estimate of the reduction in our apple crop, which is not really our business, but certainly the resultant produce flowing through the port impacts on our business activity.

By moving some key levers that flowed immediately through to the bottom-line balance sheet and cash flow, we were able to update the board within a two-day minimal effort requirement and that was a good justification and outcome from a board level perspective as to the results.”

Mason Robinson – Port Nelson Finance Manager

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