Healthcare continues to grow, shifting towards value-based care, their focus is on cost controls and information security, forecasting revenue and costs is critical to the allocation of capital and personnel. View the short presentations below to assist with your Planning Optimisation journey.

Scenario Planning

Scenario planning for acute care providers (hospitals), including adjusting top-down drivers, such as patient days and bed utilization, and comparing them against detailed bottoms-up staffing and job-level plans.

Net Revenue Modeling

Net revenue modeling for the healthcare industry. Plan gross patient revenue, contractual allowances, charity care, reimbursement across service lines, patient types, and payers.

Physician Practices Modeling

Physician practices modeling for the healthcare industry. Plan visits, relative value units (RVUs), salaries, and revenue across locations and providers.

Staff and Workforce Planning

Staff and workforce planning for the healthcare industry. See how to plan FTEs, retention, and turnover, as well as compensation, benefits, taxes, and other costs for salaried and hourly workers. Integrate HR and payroll systems to pull in employee data and utilize multiple fringe-rate assumptions.

Cost of Living Adjustment

Cost of living adjustments (COLA) for the healthcare industry. Run what-if scenarios around COLA and other expense assumptions to assess the impact on budgets.

Forecast vs Actuals Data Integration

Forecast vs. actuals data integration for the healthcare industry. See how to compare budgets to actual results and drill back into transactional data in financial and HR systems.

Patient Days and Volume Drivers

Major volumes and units of service forecasting for the healthcare industry. See how acute-care providers, physician practices, and skilled nursing facilities can plan admissions, patient days, visits, cases, RVUs, and occupancy rates.

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