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Financial Services providers are facing challenges with low rates, customer loyalty, innovation, online presence and functionality. Automation, Insights and Driver Based Planning are key. View the short presentations below to assist with your Planning Optimisation journey.

Scenario Planning

Scenario planning for banks and asset managers to plan and forecast net interest income/expenses, as well as advisory fees and assets under management.

Balance Sheet Planning

Balance sheet planning for the banking industry. Build loan portfolio runoffs, including principal, prepayment, interest, deposits, and fees, as well as new origination/deposit models so you can forecast a comprehensive balance sheet, income statement, and cashflow.

Non-Interest Expense Budgeting

Non-interest expense budgeting for the banking industry. Plan for non-interest expense items such as salary, benefits, taxes, and facilities costs.

Product and Branch Profitability

Product and branch profitability for the banking industry. Plan revenues and direct costs by product and branch. Allocate personnel and overhead to create product and branch P&Ls.

Assets Under Management

Assets under management (AUM) for the financial services industry. Wealth management companies can plan AUM and advisory fees.

Credit Union Membership

Credit union membership for the banking industry. Forecast member adds, retention, and fees, as well as instrument-level details (such as credit cards, car loans, and mortgages).

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