Main Business Challenges

We had quite a few business challenges that we wanted to overcome:

One of them is that certainly in terms of our processes around our budgeted, forecasting and reporting it was very manual;

  • A lot of time was taken; and,
  • We really needed to get more robustness in our processes.

Results and Benefits

Having utilised the new product (Workday Adaptive Planning) through GK Horizons, the budgeting time was reduced significantly. In fact it was reduced by about the six weeks so it made a huge impact on our ability to get robust budgets out and replaced a lot of our manual processes.

Why work with GK Horizons?

One of the main things with working with GK Horizons, that made a huge impact for us, was their ability to implement and deliver the configuration of the product for us within budget and within time, and that obviously is a huge benefit to us at implementing the product; and,

Ongoing as well their knowledge of us as a business and of our finances has made a huge difference in our team being able to work with GKH in a professional manner which certainly continues to enhance the way we utilise our product.

Alistair Brown, CFO, Hills Laboratories

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