Why better BI?

Better data access and visualisation will contribute to improved business management. Or in other words "Right Data, Right Person, Right Time".

As an organisation grows there are more people to liaise with and often more layers between the executives and the service delivering employees. It becomes increasingly more difficult to base business decisions on existing reporting lines and “gut feel”. Insight into business performance will enhance all reporting line conversations and support business decisions.

By delivering "Right Data, Right Person, Right Time", regular update meetings can focus on strategy and outcomes rather than establishing historical facts.

Better BI will improve your business relationships and your business performance by supporting better communication.


What is Adaptive Discovery?

Adaptive Discovery is a cloud based data visualisation application. Data from any source can be combined and visualised in an easy to digest and interpret format that is both appealing to and practical for executives and managers.

Some key features of Adaptive Discovery are:

  • Provides intuitive charts and sophisticated analytics,
  • Perform root-cause and what-if scenario analysis,
  • Use flexible options for drilling down and across data,
  • Easily switch dimensions mid-drill,
  • Trigger emails with specified data behaviour,
  • Organise charts on dashboards tailored to each user’s role.


How to achieve better BI?

Accessing your organisations data across multiple applications no longer requires a large data warehousing and BI reporting and analytics solution that has traditionally been the privilege of only large organisations. Adaptive Discovery provides a fast and affordable alternative that will provide "Right Data, Right Person, Right Time".

Our hands on business knowledge in combination with system implementation experience enables GK Horizons to help you achieve your goals.

We start by listening to you tell us about your business, your process and your priorities. We will then show you a demonstration of our products and answer any questions you have about ourselves and our solutions. Finally, we will provide you with a proposed business solution including best practices relevant to your business.

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