IFM + GKH + AI = Happy Finance

Melbourne based IFM Investors are an investor-owned fund manager that seeks to deliver superior long-term net performance for its increasingly global clientele. The firm is rapidly growing and now operates in six countries and represents 15 million+ members with $51 billion in assets under management.





Global growth has necessitated new ways of working, with old processes and systems no longer fit for purpose. The finance team has turned to GK Horizons & Adaptive Insights to work smarter and provide a new level of transparency and efficiency.  


  • The rapid expansion of the business had increased the complexity of financial reporting  

  • Reporting was time-consuming yet provided little value to the business 

  • Spreadsheet-based reporting and processes limited the team’s effectiveness 


  • Reporting has been streamlined—speeding the delivery of reports to the board and cost center managers  

  • Cost management is improved with new reports providing cost center managers with complete transparency of actual monthly spend 

  • The finance team are able to work smarter and provide increasing value to the business  

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