Visual Model Overview

Visual Model Overview

When it comes to totally new functionality introduced recently into Adaptive Insights with their latest release, one of the most useful features for Administrators is going to be the Visual Model Overview.


It is a graphical overview of relationships between model building blocks such as sheets, assumptions, and accounts, making it easier for you to understand how your model works.

The Model Overview gives you insight into the design of your model:

             Sheets and their definition (Standard, Modelled, and Cube)
             Accounts on sheets
             Data flow between accounts

This means of course that when you go to make changes to your model it will be much easier for you to see what other parts of the model might be affected and where dependencies exist that need to be managed. It will be also very useful for helping a new Administrator to get up to speed quickly on how the entire model hangs together.

The new Visual Model Overview is definitely something you should have a look at. See what value it can add to your understanding of your current model, as well as something to utilise going forward as this new functionality is developed further.

For further information about this and any other features please contact us.


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